Self-mastery for solftware sales professionals

What is quotaless?

It's an idea that quota isn’t a target. It’s a limitation.It’s a mindset that exceeding quota won’t make you healthier, wiser, a better friend, or more creative. But all those things can help you exceed quota.It’s also a free weekly newsletter, podcast, and workshop created by Bobby Dysart.

Sales workshops

Half-day in-person workshops available for up to 50 salespeople. It features content and exercises to help your team:- Build confidence and be less insecure
- Know how to progress in work and life
- Find clarity around personal and professional aspirations
- Make more sales
- Be more consistent in approach and performance
- Better handle the stress and emotions around sales
- Create more freedom, autonomy, and control of their time
- Get better at managing time and setting priorities
- Improve work-life balance
Preparation meetings, 1:1 follow-up, and leadership support included.If interested, please use contact form to schedule consultation.

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When we embrace practice, develop awareness, and align our efforts, we can rise above the deal.
We can live quotaless.